SHL Medical | 2019.03

SHL Presents the "Personalization of Patient Care" Webinar

On April 11, SHL Group, a world-leading designer, developer and manufacturer of advanced drug delivery devices, will lead a webinar titled "Personalization of Patient Care – The Next Frontier in Drug Delivery."

The webinar will look at the changing pharmaceutical landscape and discuss how connected therapeutics and personalized care converge to form the next frontier of drug delivery.

New FDA drug approvals are at an all-time high, with 59 new drugs approved in 2018.1 Despite the growing demand for medication options, the gap between the clinical efficacy of new drugs and their real-world effectiveness widens. Bridging this gap demands a systemic focus on medication adherence as typically 50 percent of people with chronic conditions fail to take their medications as prescribed.2

Non-adherence to medication is a complex and multidimensional health care problem. It stems from the diversity of patient behaviors and barriers, and can be solved with a personalized approach.

"Connected therapeutics, the augmentation of drugs through sensors and connectivity, are now providing patients with personalized ways to self-manage their condition and improve health outcomes. This next frontier in drug delivery, powered by connected therapeutics, will be data-driven, personalized, outcome-based, and accessible," said Dr. Ramin Rafiei from SHL Group.

Join the webinar to learn about where the healthcare industry is headed. Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Macro trends driving the adoption of connectivity in healthcare
  • Connectivity across the continuum of care
  • Personalization of care in an outcomes-focused era

The talk will take place at 3:00pm (London)/10:00am (New York) and will feature speakers from SHL Group and QuiO, SHL's strategic partner in connected therapeutics. Contact to sign up.

Click HERE to view the webinar on demand

Meet the Presenters

Dr. Ramin Rafiei
Director at SHL Group

Dr. Ramin Rafiei is a Director at SHL Group, leading the organization's efforts in digital healthcare. His focus is the intersection of connected therapeutics, software, and personalized care delivery with the aim of bridging the efficacy-effectiveness gap. Over the past two decades, Ramin has been leading high-stake multidisciplinary scientific and business initiatives globally across established industries such as aerospace and nuclear, as well as next generation industries such as photonics, autonomous mobility and digital healthcare. Ramin is a healthcare investor, healthtech advisor, a published author, and holds a PhD in experimental nuclear physics from The Australian National University.

Alex Dahmani
Co-Founder & CEO at QuiO

Alexander Dahmani is Co-Founder and CEO of QuiO, a New York-based digital healthcare company. QuiO's CRx remote care platform will offer patients the tools to better manage their care regimens, by combining connected therapeutics with analytics and behavioral interventions to improve adherence and outcomes. Alex started QuiO in 2014 while pursuing a PhD at Columbia University. His vision is to enhance the real-world efficacy of existing medications through technology and behavioral science. Prior to starting QuiO, Alex worked in biotech and technology commercialization. He holds degrees in immunology, genetics and business.

Chelsea Williams
Postgraduate Researcher in Global Health at SHL Group

Chelsea is completing a Master of Public Health in Global Health Design, Monitoring and Evaluation from The George Washington University. She joined SHL Group to complete her Master's thesis, focusing on the value of real-world evidence in designing patient support programs. She is passionate about promoting public health initiatives through interactive research, educational outreach, and policy development. Over the past decade, Chelsea worked as a health contractor for the US government, delivering on large-scale projects for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Chelsea holds a BS in Marketing from York College of Pennsylvania.


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