SHL is a renowned, high-quality, high-volume manufacturer that is ranked among the top global producers of drug delivery devices, pressure mattress systems, and medical slings. We are well accustomed to fulfilling strict demands on quality, timing and production, giving us a competitive edge as a world-class ODM/OEM manufacturer in Asia.

One of the keys to SHL's successful business strategy is integrating our supply chain to maintain control and quality supervision over our manufacturing materials and processes. This results in rapid response times in development and consistent quality in production, whether on high-volume or low-volume/high-value projects. By combining international corporate strategies with vertical integration of vital services and capabilities, SHL truly leverages Asia's strength in manufacturing to its fullest extent.

To provide optimal manufacturing capacity for our customers, SHL has expanded exponentially its production facilities in Taiwan, where top pharmaceutical/biotech companies and other industry experts from around the world frequently conduct audits.


With its firmly established industrial and manufacturing culture, Taiwan is home to nine SHL manufacturing sites located in one of the island's most successful industrial regions, near the international airport in Taoyuan. Some of the services available at this location include: automated assembly, an advanced tool production center, and vast lines of high-precision molding units working around the clock to produce components.


Located in Florida, USA, is our SHL Pharma facility built with a greener approach, providing final assembly, labeling and packaging services. Many of the machines in the facility have been customized and built by SHL Automation to accommodate specific assembly and testing needs.


SHL's production facility in China is located in Guangdong province near Hong Kong. Currently, the facility is home to a range of projects, including patient lifting slings, pressure mattress systems, and more.