Excellent customer satisfaction Supply chain risk mitigation
Global logistics expertise Supplier Excellence
Global sourcing network Sales & operations planning


SHL manages and supports a comprehensive supply chain for our customers from all over the world. We work tirelessly to provide the highest possible customer satisfaction, and improve ourselves constantly in order to reach that goal. To ensure the quality of our customers' products, we also offer a robust service that is planned with the safety of the end user in mind.


We work with a local as well as a global network of highly qualified suppliers that are carefully sourced by our purchasing team. This network consists of the most competent vendors that meet our high quality and operational standards. To mitigate additional risk within the supply chain, we follow strict quality control measures, which include selecting, auditing and also fully certificating capable suppliers. Our team of dedicated professionals is constantly in contact with our business partners to ensure that all information is shared and updated in a timely manner.


Our focus on Supplier Excellence, an initiative that creates closer collaboration with main suppliers, allows us to uncover and realize new synergies and decrease risk of failure. Running the sales and operations planning managing process also enables us internally to align customer demand with in-house capacity, as well as take proactive actions to prevent supply gaps. Combined with our years of experience and extensive know-how on global logistics, we are able to provide customized and optimal packaging, shipping and storage solutions to our customers from all across the globe.