Strong relationships with clients In-house industrial design team & usability experts
Successful anticipation of market trends Continued improvement in aesthetics & usability
Development of user-centric solutions Innovative, award-winning designs


Central to SHL's success is the way we listen to our clients. Our proactive approach to design and engineering has paid significant dividends and has allowed us to successfully anticipate market trends and respond quickly to user demands. Our success is reflected in our growing number of launched products and a broad pipeline of new breakthrough injection devices and healthcare equipment that are centered around user needs.


Our specialized drug delivery systems are made to meet the needs of patients around the world who benefit from our aesthetically pleasing and usability optimized designs. For this reason, SHL has established a strong in-house team of industrial designers and usability engineers who work closely with customers and end-user groups to ensure that their needs are translated and incorporated into the design of the device. For example, some of our auto injector devices feature various grip options for patients with dexterity issues, while others combine a range of feedback mechanisms to achieve optimal guidance during the injection process.


To enhance patience acceptance, we keep our designs simple and elegant and steer clear of characteristics that may appear overly medical. Consequently, industrial design and usability play increasingly important roles in the development of our products and help maximize user compliance.

Product design and development for SHL Medical and SHL Healthcare takes place in Sweden, the United States, Taiwan, and China. Process development, scale-up and commercial manufacturing take place at our production facilities in Asia, with full input and continued cooperation with our design centers and partners. With ongoing cross-functional participation, we ensure speed to market and the suitability of initial designs for repeatable, high-volume production.