SHL MEDICAL | 2017.06

Upcoming Webinar: What’s in it for Me? – The Value of New Technology

SHL Group has announced that it will be holding a webinar discussing the value of new technologies in digital health and drug delivery systems on June 29. The webinar, which will be broadcasted live at 3 PM London / 10 AM New York time, will be hosted in collaboration with Pharmafocus under the topic “What’s in It for Me? – The Value of New Technology.” The talk will be co-presented by SHL Vice President for Innovation, Rasmus Renstad and SHL Connect Managing Director, Markus Bauss.

With smart, connected objects becoming so widespread in every aspect of life and the Internet of Things becoming an increasingly prevalent phenomenon, the question of their inherent value is often left out. In the area of drug delivery, it is particularly important to remember that the ultimate gatekeeper of any innovation is the patient, and that all designs must be centered around making the patient’s life as healthy and comfortable as possible.

This webinar will guide you through the key lessons and insights to consider when thinking about digital health in general and connected drug delivery in particular. Topics covered will include:

  • Evolution of technology in drug delivery
  • The patient and his impact on driving innovation
  • Success stories of implementing the new technology in the market

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Rasmus Renstad, Vice President Innovation, SHL Medical
Rasmus Renstad is Vice President for Innovation at SHL Medical, the world’s largest privately-owned designer, developer and manufacturer of advanced drug delivery devices, such as auto injectors and pen injectors. Rasmus has almost 20 years of experience in technical and business management. For the last 12 years he has been working for SHL, specializing in product development and design engineering for medical devices. Rasmus holds a Ph.D. in Polymer Technology from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and a B.Sc. in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm University.

Markus Bauss, Managing Director, SHL Connect
Markus has over 10 years’ experience working within a number of leading roles in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. An innovator and entrepreneur, Markus launched the technology startup, ConnectMeSmart GmbH, in 2013 to look into new technologies for smart phones, mobile apps and connectivity. The startup paired up with SHL in 2015 in a joint venture, SHL Connect, to investigate the emerging connectivity market and explore the application of new technologies with SHL’s drug delivery solutions. Markus graduated from Clausthal University of Technology with a degree in Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

About SHL

SHL is a world-leading solution provider in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced drug delivery devices such as auto injectors and pen injectors. With locations in Taiwan, Sweden and the US, our experienced engineers and designers develop product enhancements and breakthrough drug delivery solutions for pharma and biotech clients globally. Significant investment in R&D has enhanced our broad pipeline of “next-generation” drug delivery systems. These innovative devices include a range of disposable and reusable injectors with fixed or variable dosing, enhanced precision and the ability to accommodate high viscosities.

With over 3,700 staff worldwide, our organization consists of several distinct group companies:

SHL Medical designs, develops and manufactures advanced drug delivery devices, as well as provides final assembly, labeling and packaging services for leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the globe

SHL Healthcare develops and manufactures equipment solutions for home, hospital and long term care use

SHL Technologies provides contract manufacturing and engineering services for the production of complex medtech and industrial products

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