SHL Group announces new Joint Venture

SHL Group is pleased to announce a new Joint Venture (JV) called “SHL Connect” between SHL Group and ConnectMeSmart GmbH.

The primary objective for SHL Connect is to investigate the market for connectivity, emerging technologies and explore their potential application within each of SHL Group’s companies.

Commenting on the announcement Roger Samuelsson, President & CEO of SHL Group said, “The world around us is evolving at an incredible pace. More and more people are embracing technology as part of their daily lives and we see some exciting opportunities for the customers and end-users of our products in building a more connected community. This JV will help us stay up to date with technological advances so that we can continue offering best in class products and services.”

The miniaturization and reduction in cost of technology is producing a wave of products that are more interactive, more engaging and more informative. SHL sees an opportunity to generate value for stakeholders by partnering with companies like ConnectMeSmart who have experience in these fields.

“Based on my experience working with NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy and iBeacon connectivity in packaging and merchandising solutions, there are some exciting opportunities when it comes to new, low-cost sensors, smart technology and data analytics. I’m looking forward to exploring these and other technologies and their potential applications within SHL Group,” says Markus Bauss, CEO of ConnectMeSmart.

In an effort to streamline customer communication, SHL Connect will coordinate directly with SHL’s Global Business Development Teams – providing regular updates on their activities. This approach enables partners from all business units to discuss potential connectivity projects through their existing contact windows.

Markus Bauss will be presenting on behalf of SHL Connect at Management Forum’s “Connectivity In Medical Technology” conference held at The Rembrandt Hotel, London on the 24 & 25 of June 2015.

About SHL

SHL is a world-leading solution provider in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced drug delivery devices such as auto injectors and pen injectors. With locations in Taiwan, Sweden and the US, our experienced engineers and designers develop product enhancements and breakthrough drug delivery solutions for pharma and biotech clients globally. Significant investment in R&D has enhanced our broad pipeline of “next-generation” drug delivery systems. These innovative devices include a range of disposable and reusable injectors with fixed or variable dosing, enhanced precision and the ability to accommodate high viscosities.

With over 3,700 staff worldwide, our organization consists of several distinct group companies:

SHL Medical designs, develops and manufactures advanced drug delivery devices, as well as provides final assembly, labeling and packaging services for leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the globe

SHL Healthcare develops and manufactures equipment solutions for home, hospital and long term care use

SHL Technologies provides contract manufacturing and engineering services for the production of complex medtech and industrial products

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