SHL MEDICAL | 2015.05

Case Study: Emerade® Auto Injector – An Adrenaline Auto Injector for Anaphylaxis

Following the successful introduction of three Case Studies in late 2014 – Amber™ Auto Injector, Molly® Auto Injector and the PPI® Injector, the Emerade® Adrenaline Auto Injector case study is now available for download in SHL Medical’s downloads section.

The Emerade Auto Injector is an intuitive 2-step, intramuscular Adrenaline Auto Injector (AAI) for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis. The design of this next-generation AAI reflects vital feedback from allergy specialists and patients, which have been incorporated to enhance usability and dose efficacy. The results from a study conducted in a simulated emergency situation further proved the intuitiveness of the Emerade device over its competitors.

In cooperation with SHL, the Emerade Auto Injector is a product of Medeca Pharma, a Swedish pharmaceutical company specializing in allergy since 1991. The device is currently licensed by Valeant Pharmaceutical International and is available in the UK, Germany and Sweden.

Download the Emerade Case Study or learn more about the Emerade Adrenaline Auto Injector.

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