High Resolution ATOS-Triple 3D Scanner 3D Vision & Laser Measuring Machines
Fully Programmed Instruments & Seamless Lab Workflow Sample Machining & Measurement Fixture Prototyping
CMM & Profile Scanning Machines with Variety of Probes Testing Lab for Functional, Environmental & Reliability Verifications

SHL has multiple metrology labs where precision inspection of product components and equipment parts take place.


Our vision measurement labs focus primarily on the measurements of plastic components by means of the implementation of various types of measuring probes. Each machine is programmed to perform automatic measurements with a high performance optical mechanism. A number of measuring methodologies are employed, including image, contact, and laser measurements.


The Co-ordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) labs help SHL ensure quality of complex products, injection molding tools, and CNC processed metal parts. Multiple measuring machines are available in-house, each fitted with an automatic probe exchange system to execute absolute precision measuring tasks. These cutting-edge machines perform scanning profiles of complex features and are capable of applying automatic programs based on measurement of the parts' original Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and engineering drawings.


SHL's testing lab is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software for functional, environmental and reliability verifications. Our goal is to ensure robustness of product from the conceptual stage, mechanical design, and material characteristics to overall product performance by conducting high-standard engineering approaches and assessments. All of the instruments in the labs are fully programmed and automated to eliminate human error, ensuring that all measurements are accurate, repeatable, and reproducible.