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SHL is a leading supplier of automation equipment to the pharmaceutical industry, working with multinational corporations, jointly and independently, to develop automation solutions around the globe. The services we provide range from advanced testing to sophisticated assembly equipment.

Over 100 Automation Experts

Our in-house automation department has over 100 electronic and software engineering specialists as well as experienced project managers, who design, develop and manufacture automation equipment used both internally and externally by our customers. We perform extensive machine system research and fully customize each automation solution, including multilingual programming.

Servicing & Maintenance Support

With over 95% of each machine being made in-house, SHL can provide close servicing and maintenance support when required. For our customers, this translates into shorter lead-times and fast response times. Furthermore, our comprehensive services include off-site installation and servicing packages to ease handling and inspection of our drug delivery devices at customer-designated filling sites. For any questions and/or issues, please email us directly at

Compliance with International Standards

Increasing output, reducing labor costs, and minimizing potential component contamination are just some of the reasons why there is such a high demand for our automated equipment. SHL's commitment to quality ensures precise, consistent, and repeatable automated assembly and/or testing that comply fully with GAMP5 international standards for computerized machinery.