Semi Automatic & Fully Automatic Assembly Robust Manufacturing Processes
Equipment Designed & Manufactured In-House Experienced Workforce
Customized Assembly Solutions Flexibility to Ramp Up for High Volume Projects

SHL provides manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic high-speed assembly services in multiple shifts, 24 hours a day. Our professional assembly staff uses automation machines and fixtures designed and manufactured in-house by our automation department.


Every semi-automatic assembly station is designed and developed with a sophisticated sensor system that verifies the output of that station. This means that quality is independent of operator ability, ensuring that non-conforming sub-assemblies cannot progress down the assembly line.


We design, manufacture, and build customized assembly solutions for use internally at SHL facilities and externally at the customer end. Our automation department can provide technical support so that we can very quickly ramp up and down the assembly lines depending on project requirements.


For each project, we work closely with our customers to develop assembly operations that are best suited to meet forecasted needs. Scalability, repeatability, and process control are vital components of the services we offer. With the support of an experienced workforce, our customized assembly solutions are both robust and flexible.