SHL Group is a world-leading solution provider in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced drug delivery systems such as auto injectors & pen injectors.

SHL was established in 1989 by Swedish entrepreneurs Roger Samuelsson and Martin Jelf with the goal of combining world-class manufacturing in Asia with the strengths of Western management practices.

We design, develop and manufacture advanced drug delivery devices such as auto injectors, pen injectors and inhalers. We also manufacture a range of other products including pressure mattress systems, patient lifting slings, medical soft goods, beds and offer design-to-build and contract manufacturing services for products such as laboratory handling equipment, neurosurgical devices, catheters and industrial equipment.

By uniting our global development teams with efficient manufacturing and a skilled workforce in Asia, SHL has developed a successful business model that allows us to provide a one-stop-shop service for all your needs. SHL consists of several distinct group companies:


Employees worldwide


When our company was established


Of the world's Top 25 Pharmas are working with SHL


Drug delivery systems such as auto injectors & pen injectors designed, developed & manufactured for biotech customers worldwide.


Equipment solutions for home, hospital & long-term care use, with a focus on patient comfort and functionality.


Provides contract manufacturing and engineering services for the production of medtech and industrial products.


Provides final assembly, labeling and packaging services of drug delivery devices to the biotech and biopharma industries.



At SHL, we strive to provide the most innovative products and solutions customized to meet customers' needs. This is achieved by investing continuously in learning and improvement, driven by our undying passion to excel.


Fundamental to SHL's organization is ensuring that strict quality standards are met at every step. As a result, the services we offer and products we manufacture are often used as industry benchmarks.


Commitment to servicing our customers is one of the cornerstones of our success at SHL. We listen to and communicate with customers regularly to establish strong business relationships, while responding to their needs promptly.


“We continue to expand the range of services that SHL now offers to better suit the needs of our customers. The in-sourcing of key capabilities vital to manufacturing remains a proven and effective strategy. And now, our ability to vertically integrate into areas such as tooling, automation and final assembly will enable us to get products to market even faster.

The entrepreneurial spirit of our people has allowed us to achieve great things over the years. I appreciate the fact that as we grow larger as an organization, SHL has still been able to maintain our responsiveness with regards to customer needs. As a pioneer in design, development and manufacturing, we will continue to move forward taking on new challenges and building on our success.”

Roger Samuelsson

SHL Group Founder & President